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I Quit Sugar event with

Sarah Wilson


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People are hungry for ideas, innovation, deeper understanding, intimacy, collaboration, communion, enchantment, and most of all…a better world for all. Our purpose is to feed this growing hunger, and nourish the hungry ones so that we humans are fully alive at work and play. We evoke, provoke and inspire a burgeoning community of c-suites, entrepreneurs, executives, directors, intrapreneurs, people gurus, coaches, inspired individuals and emerging leaders – we call them romantics, cultural creatives, urban monks, social entrepreneurs, changemakers, and future shapers.  

Like you, they traverse the worlds of work and play. They’re individuals with big dreams and deep life aspirations. They come to learn, share, and connect. They take away wisdom and life learnings from our event experiences and they take away know-how for better working lives.

Presenting a hybrid of outstanding creative performance and exceptional thought leadership our experiences are designed to connect head and heart, logic and imagination, reason and mystery. They are designed to transform the conversation.


We Value

Collaboration     Conscious Leadership     Heart    Reciprocity    Shared Value     Excellence   Collective Responsibility Diversity  Beauty

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