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Art Meets Science | Conversation Series


The Talking Sticks Art Meets Science | Conversation Series delivers an immersive experience, curated by our expert team, around themes and ideas where the mainstream conversation has become stagnant with familiar voices, or too narrowly explored by the same thought leaders, media, scientists, strategists, or prevailing culture.

Typically, when conversations involve the relationship between Art and Science, we are left with a head-on collision. One headstrong opinion driven by proven facts and data versus one powered by philosophy and imagination. Instead, imagine a paradigm shift whereby we to delve into a thought path following the interconnection between art and science; noting how the two may compliment, rather than oppose, each other.

When we see something that shines, something that is truly brilliant, whether an idea, a new technology, or even something in nature, it’s usually because two traditionally opposing fields are at play. This series will explore the growing evidence that there is indeed both an art and a science to anything truly worthwhile and outstanding.

“A Talking Sticks event is like sitting around a campfire with the most interesting people you’ve met in a long while. I really loved the experience for the people I met, and the ideas I heard, many for the first time – some life-changing”.

Jodie, 46


Birth & Death

The Home Ground Advantage

Sat 18th June, 9:30am-1:30pm 

A transformational learning experience where the intellectual, emotional, spiritual and political collide, and coalesce around the themes of birth and death, opening your mind and heart to a transforming conversation about home.

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“People are hungry. They are hungry for ideas, innovation, knowledge, motivation, personal growth, an edge, inspiration, aspiration, learning, love, connection, art, and a better world. Our events & experiences feed and nourish the hungry ones”.

Mel Greblo, Founder & MD, Talking Sticks

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