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Do you feel a yearning for joy, are you in a period of transition, between careers, life path, looking to take a leap of faith into something entirely new, or simply want to finally listen to a calling beyond what you are doing now?

Talking Sticks is delighted to present Bronnie Ware: Bloom | The Courageous Path of Regret-Free Living

This powerful event full of thought-provoking and self-reflective content is experienced through the magic of music, meditation and captivating storytelling, as internationally best-selling author, singer/songwriter Bronnie Ware shares with you her personal journey of courage, surrender and breaking through upper limits.

Whether you’re a time poor parent, busy, highflying corporate or simply seek to find greater possibilities in your life, this experience is for you. In a digital world where we’re constantly connected, constantly busy, constantly accessible, this event provides an opportunity to stop, disconnect from the demands of the world and reconnect with yourself.

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Lend Lease Darling Quarter Theatre




Tamara Yoga, Claremont Studio



Meet Bronnie Ware

“Bronnie is a joy. She is also a gem. She is a courageous and authentic soul who fosters growth and insight in others in her gentle yet powerful ways. The world is blessed to have her and all of the care and light she brings.”

— Dr Libby

Bronnie shares the tools she has created to transform her own life after witnessing the anguish of regrets amongst her dying patients and then living through debilitating disease herself. Understanding the difference between knowing what to do and actually applying that wisdom into day-to-day practice, Bronnie has developed strategies enabling her to live completely on her own terms.

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In this powerful event, you will:

Learn to recognise your heart’s voice and how it calls you.

Recognise upper limits and acknowledge where they hold you back.

Understand the blessings of surrender and how to allow it.

Recognise the importance of space and develop tools to increase it.

Understand the importance of real-life connections through fun.

Make peace with the choices you have made so far.

Understand the global need for you to be your best self.

Experience individual learning in a loving and fun group atmosphere.

Recognise your beauty and worth.

Find clarity on what you can do next.

Create workable steps toward lasting change.

When we asked audience members what they loved about Bronnie’s events, they said:

“(I loved) the loving atmosphere, the story telling, the sense of community and Bronnie’s authentic voice.”

“Bronnie is a beautiful and engaging speaker.”

“Bronnie is sincere and made me feel part of something larger then myself. She has repeatedly helped me. Thank you for everything Bronnie.”

“(I loved) Bronnie’s authentic and honest way of speaking, the respectful interaction with and within the audience, and Bronnie’s humour.”

It is a new moment, a new beginning.

Bronnie Ware

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