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We are a team of curators, creators and producers of experiences with a single focus of transforming conversations. Whether large scale events or small group workshop facilitation, our team brings exceptional drive, unique ideas, innovative human-centred design, and outstanding production.  Transforming conversations is our business.

About Mel Greblo

Director of Talking Sticks

Mel Greblo’s driving purpose is to support others to co-create change and re-define values and culture – for ourselves, business and the planet. Transforming conversations is how Mel believes we do that. Mel coaches and curates workshops for leaders to create breakthrough conversations, speaks and writes about legacy, purpose, values-based leadership, community building and engagement, and how we as humans become more alive in the world at work and play.

She is the Director of Talking Sticks, curators and hosts of immersive and visceral experiences combining the best of thought leadership and creative/cultural performance.  Talking Sticks brings together audiences as intimate as 10 people to a packed buzzing room of 1,000.  Prior to founding Talking Sticks Mel was the Chief Executive Officer of two social enterprises, and in a strategic capacity has helped build the brands and programs of several of our great social, arts and education organisations.

She is current Chair of The Groundswell Project, a national social venture leading global research and practice in end of life care, creating a more death literate society.

She has three children spanning in age from three to sixteen, has a thirst for learning, a love of books, poetry, literature, art, nature and ancient wisdom. She makes her home on the peninsula of Sydney’s Northern Beaches.

“In a radically ‘connected’ world, we have never been more lonely, felt more disconnected, suffered as greater anxiety as we do today. Our constant connectivity has rendered us weak in the art of conversation, in the deeper exchanges that occur from face-to-face interactions and exchanges, and we have sacrificed real communion to speed, efficiency and productivity. The real problem however is that the art, skill and craft of conversation will be lost to generations, and with it, the empathy and myriad other critical social skills that make life rich, and meaningful. My purpose is to re-ignite real conversations, for better work, and better lives.”

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