CONVERSATIONS, EVENTS & IMMERSIVE EXPERIENCES for human transformation - towards a future of


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Now is the time for beautiful business.

People and the planet depend on it.

For the individual, we present a hybrid of outstanding thought leadership, performance and inspirational events to evoke, provoke and inspire transformation.

For business and community, we offer unique and disruptive conversations, dialogue and learning labs where we re-imagine the strategies and mindsets we need to lead, change and grow.


Join the conversation & community

From intimate dinner experiences and large audience events, to three-day immersive experiences on theme, our publicly ticketed events uniquely evoke, provoke and inspire action. Always transforming conversations. Ask us about brining the magic of these events in-house to your organisation for your people’s transformational growth.

We curate inspiring public and in-house experiences with the single focus of transformational growth.

We help people move along a transformation continuum - towards the future impact economy.

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 I must say I arrived with high expectations but was completely blown away by the presenters, topics, message and sparkling brilliance. I will be sure to register for all future events.

Penny, Australian Unity / Business Romantic 2017 attendee

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what we offer

Creating a world of WE on purpose

We are a community of 5,000+, offering events, experiences, advisory and learning with the purpose of transforming conversations - for yourself, your teams, & your culture.

Our network of wholehearted and courageous leaders, thinkers and doers are connected by the knowledge and understanding that every facet of business, in fact our lives, must be imbued with purpose to sustain ourselves, each other and the planet.

We’re driven to help people and business be more kind, conscious and inclusive so our grandchildren can be proud of the world we’ve left them.


They who have a why to live for can bear almost any how.

Friedrich Nietzsche

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What good people say about us

Mel’s depth of experience in the purpose and values-driven world comes to bear on business in a way that we can’t afford to ignore
— Dr Catriona Wallace, Founder & CEO Flamingo Customer Experience Inc

What comes to mind when I think about Melanie Greblo is that rare blend of intellectual smarts and high emotional intelligence - a woman blessed with a big brain, a big heart, big passions, big curiosity, and even bigger empathy. To know her is to love her.
— David Leser, Journalist, Author, Speaker

our impact promise

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About Us

we are talking sticks

We are a team of passionate future shapers, committed to contributing our collective skills, talents and expertise for impact. A better world calls for humans who are awake, aware, mindful, inspired, and fuelled with purpose. Read more about us here…


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