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Who We Are

We are a team of passionate future shapers, committed to contributing our collective skills, talents and expertise for impact. A better world calls for humans who are awake, aware, mindful and inspired. Talking Sticks offers experiences through events & gatherings with the single focus of transforming conversations.

What We Do, and Why

People are hungry for ideas, innovation, deeper understanding, intimacy, collaboration, enchantment, and most of all…a better world for all. Our purpose is to feed this growing hunger, and nourish the hungry ones so that we humans are fully alive at work and play. We evoke, provoke and inspire a burgeoning community of c-suites, entrepreneurs, executives, founders, directors, intrapreneurs, people gurus, coaches, inspired individuals and emerging leaders – aka cultural creatives, urban monks, social entrepreneurs, changemakers, and future shapers.  

Like you, they traverse the worlds of work and play. They’re individuals with big dreams and deep life aspirations. They come to learn, share, and connect. They take away wisdom and life learnings from our event experiences and they take away know-how for better working lives.

Presenting a hybrid of outstanding creativity, performance and exceptional thought leadership our experiences are designed to connect head and heart, logic and imagination, reason and mystery. They are designed to transform the conversation and change the game of your life.

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Moving hearts and minds

"Thank you for a truly beautiful event, it was something extraordinary and clearly that had a lot to do with what you have created at Talking Sticks and more importantly, who you are. Congratulations."

— Julie, David Whyte 'Half a Shade Braver' tour attendee


Our Team

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melanie greblo

Founder & Executive Director

Mel Greblo's driving purpose and passion is to bring people together to co-create change - for ourselves, business and the planet. It began as a child, with a hunger for learning, a devotion to social justice and a deep curiosity in people. 

She is the Founder of Talking Sticks and Executive Director of the Impact Investment Summit Asia Pacific. She also coaches women in transition, those seeking purpose in their life and work, and runs workshops for groups of women who want to change their world. Find out more about workshops and coaching here.

A serial impact entrepreneur, prior to founding Talking Sticks in 2011, Mel led two national not for profits as Chief Executive and in her senior executive roles, helped build the brands of many of Australia’s great educational, social, cultural and art institutions. She has held senior leadership roles in executive strategy, marketing, communications, and development.

She has three children, a thirst for learning, a love of nature, books, poetry, literature, art, the ocean, music and writing.  She has a deep commitment to giving back, and a passion for social change at end of life and is currently Chair of the Board at The Groundswell Project.  


Meet the impact team…