The ‘Exquisite Spell’- An Invitation to Radical Presence with Mark Tredinnick

An evening with award-winning poet, essayist and writing teacher, Mark Tredinnick

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Melbourne | monday 7 october 5.30 - 8:30 pm


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includes a delightful curation of fine food and wine to enjoy over our poetry sharing.

“Life is a spell so exquisite,” Emily Dickinson wrote, “that everything conspires to break it.”

“Poetry recasts life’s spell. Without poetry, something essentially human goes unsaid and unlived; something inside us goes unloved. Without poetry, our lives and the world we live them in fall out of step with the lyric creation runs on. Poetry—reading it, sharing it, making it—answers the ontological crisis of our times, a profound loneliness (from our selves and our places and our times) caused by the silencing of the lyric in our daily lives and discourses, caused by the digital orthodoxies that rule our days; and caused also by our dislocation from country - from any place we might call truly home. Poetry, in other words, lets us live again the lives we are too busy leading to enjoy. The soul arrives at the pace of a camel; poetry is the soul’s gait, the rhythm of arrival, a hearth”.

Mark Tredinnick’s work is acclaimed for its intricate study of human relationships to place, and the natural world.

As we seek to reconnect deeply with ‘other’ and each other, Mark’s ideas, poetry, prose and thinking are a radical invitation to reset yourself, and allow a recasting of life’s spell on you.

The evening will take you on a lyric and poetic odyssey. Mark will speak to the profound loneliness we experience in our digitally connected lives, our disconnection from place and land and how that manifests, including its pinnacle manifestation of climate change. Mark will read poetry, share with you the gifts of poetry and invite you to also share.



monday 7 October 2019

The Whitehouse, Ballroom, 11 Princes St, St Kilda

5.30 - 8:30pm





5.30 - 8:30pm



Mark Tredinnick—whose many books include Almost Everything I Know, Bluewren Cantos, Fire Diary, The Blue Plateau, and The Little Red Writing Book—is a celebrated poet, essayist, and writing teacher. His honours include the Montreal and Cardiff Poetry Prizes, The Blake and Newcastle Poetry Prizes, two Premiers’ Literature Awards, and the Calibre Essay Prize. 

Mark, the father of five, lives and writes along the Wingecarribee in the Highlands west of Sydney. In 2019, he was the writer in residence at the University of Sydney last year. Mark is at work on a memoir, Reading Slowly at the End of Time. His next Australian collection of poems, Walking Underwater, will be published by Pitt Street Poetry in 2020; a fourth collection, A Begnniner's Guide, appears in the US (Hip Pocket Press) the same year. A Hundred Miles from Home: One Hundred Haiku, composed with poet Peter Annand will appear in 2021. 

Photograph by: Oliver Damian

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