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Mel Greblo

Workshops and coaching

for women to accelerate positive impact in a world that is begging for IMMEDIATE and BIG change. A world that’s inviting you to live your bigger life with meaning, purpose and contribution.

A world of meaning… waiting for you.  

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Impact entrepreneur bringing bold visions to life.

Your purpose is my passion…


I was 23 years old when I was blindsided by life, or death in fact. This wasn’t the beginning of my soul searching but it certainly set me on my path, and helped me find my purpose. This is what I do. I help people find their purpose and translate it into the life/career they want.

Prior to founding Talking Sticks in 2011, I led two national not-for-profits as Chief Executive. I’ve helped build the brands and impact of some of Australia’s great educational, social, and arts institutions. My executive leadership roles spanned strategy, marketing, communications, and innovation.

As well as my work with Talking Sticks, I currently work with the Impact Investment Summit Asia Pacific, designing and curating an annual three-day experience, and I Chair the Board at national social venture, The Groundswell Project.

I have three wonderful children and make my home on the peninsula of Sydney’s northern beaches where I often bask in nature, and play. I read voraciously, connect deeply and I listen.

What’s on offer 

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I offer immersive workshops & coaching - to align your life and career/work/business with your values, the things you care deeply about, and what makes you tick …


Pivot on purpose

If you’re unsettled, feeling lost, dissatisfied, frustrated, split, torn and yearning for more meaning, you’re likely in the midst of an important transition. You may be dreaming of pivoting out of your current work and pursuing your passion but need vital income to make it happen. You may have reached the peak of a successful career and want to give back in a meaningful way. You may want to explore if your values align or might align with your workplace, or you may be considering an entirely new occupation.

Pivot On Purpose is an immersive workshop delivered across multiple modes for women who are:

- Transitioning in life, work or both

- Seeking greater leadership capacity and pathways

- Aspiring for more purpose in current role

- Yearning for greater meaning in life and work

The workshop steps you through 6 modules designed to help you get clarity on your values, purpose and the meaning you seek to experience and to make.

1. Purpose green-housing and mapping - we’ll work through some fun activities revisiting key points in your life, we’ll attune to your values, and what you love. Here is where we gain clarity of purpose, and insight into what truly brings you alive. Here we begin to see your contribution and your personal brand around it.

2. Radical Response Ability - women are often caught in a cycle of not-ready, not-enough, not-qualified, and negative perception of themselves. We change the game around this, to set you free towards your purpose we’ll blow away off barriers to success, focus on your mindset, and turning the burden of responsibility on its head.

3. BBAG - you’ve heard of the Big Hairy Audacious Goal, well Mel’s imagination conjures a very big, ugly, hirsute beast when anyone mentions BHAG, so we’re going for the Big Beautiful Audacious Goal - the thing that’s going to drive you until you reach it, the thing that’s like poetry when you achieve it.

4. Tactics and Troubleshooting - so now you’ve set your BBAG, you’re on your way, but how are you going to get there. We’ll workshop this within an inch of it’s life, because without execution, there is no poetry. Action is the gold, it’s the poetry in motion. It is beautiful. We’ll look at barriers to your success, scenario plan around what might get in the way and troubleshoot individual challenges for the whole group to learn from.

5. Your Purpose Safari - we build the roadmap that is going to guide, instruct, keep you accountable and connected to get you to your destination. It’s definitely safari style travel - the road will be peppered with obstacles and bumps but with the tools and tips you gain in the workshop, you’ll be sure to get there!

6. Relational Intelligence - Here we look at how we will lead from our heart for success. We explore the relational and conversational nature of reality, and tune in to the beautiful questions we might ask ourselves, and shine a spotlight on the conversations we are having with ourselves, and where we might want to shift the narrative.

Clever women connect - how you network is your key - to everything. We will look at networking and connecting in a whole new light, I will share my connections, groups, and strategies for deep reciprocity to get you to your goal(s) faster, with more ease and grace. The workshop connects you to one another, creating a learning and peer-to-peer mentoring circle, a safe and inspiring space for you to stay on track, seek advice and support, run your ideas by, and grow.

Upon completing one of my workshops, you’ll leave

  • Feeling connected to an intimate group of passionate women, willing and able to support your forward journey - you’re part of a community of like-minded and like-hearted women

  • Enlightened by the insights you've gained about yourself, your future, your leadership, and the impact you seek to make/contribute

  • Energised at the shifts and breakthroughs you've experienced

  • With direction as to next steps to take to step into your purpose and passion

  • With a 12-month road map to keep you on track, with your goals, plans and tactics all aligned and visible on a simple page to keep you moving forward with momentum 



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Did you know that the term coach, actually came from a little Hungarian town in the 15th Century? It is where the coach, or horse carriage was invented. The term then proliferated in the European vernacular and went on to mean a person who carried someone else to their success.

This is a pretty accurate description of what my coaching is all about.

My coaching is offered on two levels:

1.    Over a defined period of time

We deepen the relationship. I listen and support. We troubleshoot challenges. I connect you to great people where I can. We set goals, we acknowledge life and plan for interruptions to our execution. I challenge you to stretch. I provoke new ideas and thinking. I build your resilience muscles (I share details from lessons hard won in business, leadership and life). We plan, we strategise, we laugh, we connect, and most importantly your unique impact, contribution and purpose is ignited.

2.    one off session

If there’s something going on in your team, your business, with the culture in your organisation, with key relationships, with a presentation you need to nail, with a talk you need to give, with a strategic meeting you need or want to have - you can book a one-off, one-hour session with me to drill down, get uber focused, crystal clear and able for the right action.

Work with me, let that fire inside burn bright!

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