Impact is our business. We walk our talk.




We contribute 5% of all of our net profits to projects that change the lives of women and girls all over the world - because we know the positive social & environmental ripple effect is huge.

Melanie and Talking Sticks bridge an important gap. They bring deep and purposeful voices from around the world to large and small audiences. Melanie is able to walk between the two worlds to deliver conversations where they’re needed. Having worked directly with Mel I can vouch for her professionalism, kindness and for her ability to walk her mindful talk.
— Sarah Wilson, Best-selling author & entrepreneur


And to walk our inclusive talk, we reserve 10% of our tickets to our publicly ticketed events for an optional payment system, whereby people pay only what they can afford to attend - that way we ensure we get a diverse audience and the conversation is transformed for the better.


We infuse impact every step of the way, including through our ticketing platform, Humanitix, where we contribute to literacy programs for girls in developing countries.

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