Impact Labs & the Dialogue Lounge

We offer Workshops and Lab experiences designed to amplify the skills and mindsets for success in the new economy.


ignite impact lab - FOR INDIVIDUALS/LEADERS

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Not sure where to start on your impact journey? Not sure if you have the skills to lead and drive towards purpose? Are you or your people craving more meaning and purpose? Are you an intrapreneur bursting to make a difference to the community and company culture? This three hour workshop is an immersive introductory experience into the social responsibility, sustainability and shared value continuum. We unmask a variety of case studies, success stories and inspiring change-makers to help you explore your values, your purpose, where and how you want to make a difference. We look at the skills you need to lead and influence with impact and the mind-sets you need to adopt to create lasting change. 

For aspiring intrapreneurs, career-changers, change-makers, leaders and for business owners.

Amplify impact Lab

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In this customised program we work with business to amplify impact - with an inbuilt social innovation and leadership project we teach design thinking, adaptive leadership, personal transformation whilst building team performance, employee engagement, social capital, and leadership skills for a rapidly changing future. 

Working on a shared social impact goal we uncover the mindsets, skill sets and relational attributes that are critical to the people and businesses of the future. In an adaptive and transformational learning context we deliver a fun and participatory experience with measurable results not only for you and your business, but for a social/environmental impact area relevant to your brand strategy and purpose.

For: Organisation leaders, Business owners, Start-ups, CSR leads, Transformation leads, People, Talent and Culture leads, Marketing leads

The dialogue lounge

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You can’t have a transforming conversation without dialogue. By dialogue we mean the kinds of conversations that change something in us when we take part in them, and that shift something between the people who are involved in the conversation.

True dialogues requires us to occupy our vulnerability, sit in our authenticity and to co-create a space where others can do the same.

The Dialogue Lounge is a facilitated mobile space we create where diversity and inclusion are key. Challenges within organisations are often not solved from the top, rather through new conversations and true dialogue. In an age of digital hyper connectivity, we are more disconnected than ever - we need to reclaim conversation. Dialogue supports breakthroughs in thought, ideas, feelings and relationships. 

Our Dialogue Lounge can be set up in any business, organisation or community to: 

  • Support a shared goal

  • Bridge a division, increase cohesion

  • Manage difficult change in periods of transition

Shared Value Social Lab

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The principles of Shared Value are maturing, and business can’t afford to not be in this conversation now. In our Shared Value Social Lab we work with businesses to engage with a diverse range of stakeholders (internal and external), anchored in a quest (challenge), on a topic of systemic relevance to both the business and the community.

The lab:

  • Brings together a diversity of stakeholders from both inside the business, and out

  • Co-creates a quest between participants, to explore areas of intersection of community need and business opportunity and develop a shared theory of change

  • Allows for experimentation, prototyping and fast learning cycles, opening space to fail and try again. We cultivate the ability of not knowing and holding questions, allowing things to emerge

  • Has prototype solutions as an outcome. These go through a continuous iteration of testing in the real world, collecting data for further refinement and testing again. The driving enquiry behind the data is “how can we do business better, for our own people, our community, and the planet?”

Bespoke Experiences, Advisory & Coaching

We create, curate and facilitate events and experiences purpose-designed for impact - the impact YOU need. We engage leaders in transformational growth opportunities and can create and curate a bespoke offering for your business to address a key challenge, foster design and innovation thinking in your people, flex your people’s creative muscle for better problem solving, and equip your people with adaptive and conversational leadership skills to perform in the new economy.

One of our most popular publicly offered full day events was The Business Romantic - a sneak peak into the magic we can create in-house.

We also offer impact/purpose advisory and coaching services across all business areas: CSR, brand, marketing, communications.

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