Well-Being In Business 

A Full Day Immersive Experience Facilitated By Konda Mason (USA)

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Tuesday 29 May 2018 | The whitehouse, 11 Princes st, st kilda, Melbourne 

Thursday 31 May 2018 | work club Barangaroo, 201 Kent st, sydney

Well-Being In Business is a full day immersive experience facilitated by Konda Mason (USA), Founder & CEO Impact Hub Oakland, and Well-Being In Business Lab, and is designed to invite you to explore and begin the shifts within yourself and your organisation that are required to move from 'me' to 'we'.  The immersion guides participants in augmenting well-being - both personally, and organisationally.

What does it take to be truly well?  Find out and take well-being - yours and your business's - to the next level.


This is about moving beyond maximising “me” and toward business that maximises well-being for all

In a world of high intensity, high performance, hyper connection, rapid change, and Trumpism, it is easy to feel besieged in the relentless pace. Leaders are increasingly recognising the important benefits of mindfulness, exercise, sleep and play, on both the body and the brain. In this unique-to-Australia experience, Konda Mason takes well-being to the next level, drawing on the work of the Well-Being In Business Lab at UC Berkley's Greater Good Science Centre. 

This immersion goes beyond mindfulness, mental and emotional health, leaping towards a wholistic framework of well-being essential to thriving humans and thriving businesses.

Who is Konda Mason? 

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Konda Mason is a social entrepreneur, activist and spiritual teacher who works at the intersection of business, social and economic justice and spirituality. She is the Co-Founder and founding CEO of Impact Hub Oakland; the Project Director of the Runway Project Oakland, a micro-lending fund for African American entrepreneurs intended to close the “Friends & Family” gap funding that is often unavailable to them, and the co-founder of the annual COCAP (Community Capital) conference in Oakland focused on “Building the We Economy”.  Along with her partners Woody Harrelson (star in the acclaimed film "Three Billboards Outside Ebbing, Missouri") and Laura Louie, Konda owned the first home delivery service of organic food in the Los Angeles area and were the first to negotiate an organic food section in a major grocery store in 1997. 

Working alongside Michelle Long, she is one of the co-founders and co-facilitator of The Well-Being In Business Lab - Oakland, a cross-sector initiative guiding prominent business owners, non-profit leaders and government officials to a deeper level of intention within themselves and their businesses. 

Konda is an accomplished filmmaker and artists' manager and the recipient of an Academy Award nomination and a Grammy Award winner.  She holds a Permaculture Design Certificate, is a certified yoga teacher and a meditation teacher. She sits on the Board of Directors of The Good Work Institute, and Spirit Rock Meditation Center where she is in a four-year Dharma Teacher Training with Jack Kornfield as her personal mentor. 

Konda is also a co-founder of Jubilee, a new initiative of wisdom keepers and wealth holders, focused on joyfully preparing the next generation of investors to meet this moment and to defend the sacred. 

Konda’s work is fuelled by a passion to witness in her lifetime a world that is environmentally regenerative, spiritually fulfilling, socially just and economically equitable.

What You'll Gain From Attending

We are delighted to offer you this immersive experience, where you'll benefit from the wisdom, leadership, innovation and heart of some of the globe's foremost practitioners and thinkers around well-being in business. 

In 2015, Konda Mason, amongst several other luminaries in the mindfulness and personal transformation space came together in the USA to create the first Well-Being In Business Lab. The intention behind the Lab was profound. The central belief underpinning it was that business should be aligned with what actually makes us deeply well… and that we desire to be the change. Based on large scale well-being practice (Gross National Happiness in Bhutan), and partners in the Global Well-Being Lab, the curriculum was driven by the latest in scientific research from the Greater Good Science Center.  

Within the context of four pillars Konda will apply methods and practices to the ten 'Keys to Well-Being' - Altruism, Awe, Compassion, Diversity, Empathy, Forgiveness, Gratitude, Happiness, Mindfulness,  and Social Connection.

With attendees, Konda Mason will explore the leading practices out of the Greater Good Science Centre at UC, Berkely, particularly the wholistic framework of Well-Being In Business as it applies to the four key pillars of:

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Many of us have only recently explored and engaged in the development of mindfulness practices, and mindful leadership, recognising that being mindful has a profound impact on our well-being, mental health, emotional health and on our capacity to truly lead. Well-Being In Business takes the impact of mindfulness to the next level - demonstrating through evidence and application how the four pillars are necessary in unlocking total well-being in the whole person and in our businesses. 

Take away key learnings:

*  How well-being in business is an imperative, not a 'nice to have' personally and in the workplace

* Practices to enable you to consider the four pillars in relation to your self and your organisation

* Applications of the four pillars for personal well-being and business well-being

* Practical tools and real world stories of business approaches to address mental, physical, emotional health in the workplace

Who Should Attend?

This immersion is for the courageous leaders ready to shift gear both on a personal/inner leadership level and at the business/organisation level. It is for those who share a vision for a future of work that cares deeply for the human beings at the centre of good work, done well.

It is for leaders who seek to show up with intention and own well-being on a level they haven't yet considered possible. Everything you learn through the immersion has a clear and deliberate application to your role as a leader and shaper of organisational values and culture. 

Due to the nature of this immersive experience, there are limited places available at each of the events. Please book early to avoid disappointment. 


Tuesday 29 May 2018 | 9am - 5pm

The Whitehouse

11 princes St, st kilda


Thursday 31 May 2018 | 9am - 5pm

work club, barangaroo

201 kent st, sydney