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Australian Tour 2019

Brisbane 8 May | Bendigo 15 May | Melbourne 16 May Sydney 22 May | Canberra 29 May

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In 2013, Sam and Cameron’s dream life turned into a nightmare when on a family holiday in Thailand with their three boys, Sam unknowingly leant against a rotten balcony railing, falling through it and crashing six metres onto the concrete below. She was lucky to survive as she’d suffered devastating injuries including severe damage to her spinal cord that left her paralysed from the chest down.

Broken and hopeless, Sam reached her outer limits of physical and mental suffering. Cameron became carer to Sam who was previously spirited, independent and active which was challenging for all. Life would never be the same. But their love for each other has endured.

Blindsided by life, a deep depression set in for Sam, and until a little bird appeared in their lives, the future looked bleak for Sam, Cameron and the boys. From the lowest of lows to the highs of Sam representing Australia as an athlete and her story inspiring an upcoming Hollywood movie, Sam and Cameron’s paths have been anything but ordinary. 

The book Cameron co-authored with Bradley Trevor Greive, with its achingly beautiful photography has reached and inspired millions, and Sam has reconnected with her love for the ocean and made a return to surfing. In her first year in the sport, Sam won gold and bronze medals in the Women’s and Open Divisions respectively, at the 2018 World Adaptive Surfing Championships in California.


Join Sam and Cameron for this intimate and truly transforming conversation, images, video and Q&A - reflecting on life, family, love, loss, grief, depression, injury, caring, and on navigating the new landscape of a vastly different life after tragedy.

Sam’s undeniable spirit and the intense physical and emotional journey she and her family embraced resonated with me both as a storyteller and as a mother.
— Naomi Watts

When you experience loss, it’s easy and understandable to feel like life is not worth living. It’s easy to feel deep despair, and it’s easy to cycle in a pattern of grief that doesn’t seem to leave you. Sometimes we feel alone and like no one could possibly understand how bad we feel. But there is always light. Sam and Cameron’s light amidst the darkest of darkness is heartening. Join them in conversation, where they candidly, honestly and intimately share their story of loss, healing and the future. You will laugh, cry, connect and most of all you’ll be moved at a deeply human level. A transforming conversation not to miss.  


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Sam’s story has always spoken to me so deeply in part for the courage that propels it, but also for the very special dose of grace that’s woven into the fabric.
— Sarah Wilson, Best-selling author & entrepreneur

If you have teenagers in your life, this event is a must. Sam’s determination and strength heralds a new narrative for young women, and Cameron’s love, compassion and interminable honouring of his wife embodies the kind of man the world needs more of. A conversation like this, told with such candour and truth, is sure to bring new perspectives to young people yearning for a new narrative around depression, their future and purpose in life.   

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