"Our story is deeply painful to share, but it is also beautiful and true. Just know that when I tell you about the tears, the anger, and the longing, I am also talking about love".

When the Heart Breaks
Life and love after loss: An inspiring conversation with Sam and Cameron Bloom

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ARA Theatre with Vanessa Gorman, Producer, Australian Story


Join us for an evening that will transform the conversation around mental health, masculinity, human & family resilience.

A catastrophic accident in 2013 rendered Sam Bloom paralysed from the chest down, and the lives of the Bloom family were forever transformed. With the loss of her old life came a consuming depression, which Sam bravely countered as she embarked on a momentous journey of relearning who she was and her place in the world. The immense love and support from her family was amplified by the arrival of a little injured magpie chick, the blooms named Penguin. Penguin and Sam formed an inextricable bond through their mutual limitations and yearning for the freedom of mobility - Sam to walk and Penguin to fly.

Sam’s husband Cameron, captured their remarkable journey through thousands of stunning images that formed the basis for the international bestselling book Penguin Bloomco authored by Bradley Trevor Greive

Join Sam and Cameron in conversation where they candidly, honestly and intimately share their story of loss, healing and the future.

Experience their unique journey through images, video and a fireside chat with acclaimed interviewers. You will laugh, cry, and deeply connect.

A transforming conversation not to be missed.

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From cradling Penguin in my hands and holding Sam in my arms I can tell you that every nerve cell, every blood vessel, every atom of our being is precious. But we are all so much more than the sum of our fragile parts. We are all our journeys, hopes and dreams, clad in mortal wrapping paper.

Cameron Bloom


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